What is She Births?

Chauncey chose to become an accredited She Births® practitioner because in her professional opinion, She Births® is the most comprehensive, effective and holistic childbirth course available on the market.  She Births® is the only childbirth course to have been studied and scientifically proven to reduce the pain of labour, make labour shorter and improve both maternal and fetal outcomes.

She Births® helps couples prepare for the very best childbirth experience possible, and also creates a constructive dialogue about being realistic, and understanding medical assistance and how to use the tools available.

She Births® centres around a three pillar approach based on interconnected principles: knowledge, inner strength and outer support.

               1.     Knowledge. You will gain an intricate understanding of the physiology of labour, and of the incredible functions of the female body, knowledge of how to traverse the more challenging moments in your birth and information to assist in the smooth establishment of breastfeeding, and much more.

              2.     Inner strength. Techniques are taught including visualisation or self-hypnosis, yoga, how to use bodily movement to focus and reduce the intensity of contractions, along with effective breathing practices.

              3.     Outer support. Combining massage techniques and acupressure, and gaining an in depth understanding of medical practices and how to use them wisely if needed, you and your partner will be empowered by a host of practical and logical tools designed to support the entire birth process.

The techniques taught and knowledge shared in every two day She Births® course are based on well-documented scientific information about female anatomy and physiology, along with many years of research focused on complimentary and alternative medicines in the area of childbirth.

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