Marcia & Jesse

CHAUNCEY IS AWESOME! I put off having a baby for as long as I could for a number of reasons, one of which was the sheer terror of labour. Doing She Births with Chauncey did so much to set my mind at ease and I went into labour knowing what I could expect - I was pretty damned calm and armed with a set of techniques to cope with the pain. The fact that Chauncey is a midwife was so great - we were able to ask all manner of questions that we were too flummoxed or put on the spot to remember at our Birth Centre appointments. She taught us the perfect mix of practical techniques and alternative approaches that we could consider as well - there's no way we would have been able to find out everything on our own. Also, the paleo bliss balls she brought along were delicious, ask for the recipe - the ones I made were nowhere near as tasty.

Christa & Richard

The idea of giving birth was rather daunting for me as I'd never really given it much thought. Chauncey and the She Births course really put things in perspective and changed my entire outlook on labour. It became less scary and more beautiful. The best thing that came out of the course was definitely the new mindset about the process of labour. Being able to use the tools taught to approach labour more peacefully, instead of with any negative connotations I had learnt through the media.

Much to my husband's surprise, I was able to remain calm throughout the entire childbirth of 20+ hours, and without the use of an epidural. With the help of Chauncey and She Births I was able to acknowledge that childbirth was a completely natural and beautiful process, which at its completion, whenever that may be, I would be holding my amazing little bundle.   

Lately (a year after my son's birth) I have found myself thinking about my pregnancy and childbirth. All my memories are positively beautiful and I really feel that my She Births experience played a major role. I even cherish the birth, despite the pain and complete exhaustion because I felt like a strong woman, capable of anything. A true goddess!  With the help of the course the idea of giving birth again is no longer frightening! 

We loved Chauncey. What an incredible woman! Her beautiful, warm and nurturing personality relaxed us completely and her experience as a midwife was very reassuring that we were in good hands. If you're considering doing She Births with Chauncey, don't hesitate! Your perception of childbirth and labour will be turned upside down for the better! Chauncey will guide you to your birth with the necessary tools to make it a positive experience, one that you will always remember and even cherish later down the track.  

Marilyn & Aaron


In my mind I thought labour and birth would equals pain and screaming and that I would be the person who would get to the hospital screaming: Epidural! Epidural! Epidural!

Here is where She Births came in. It is a birth course that is both calm and active. The course is incredibly comprehensive. It gave my husband and I a variety of the tools such as acupressure, massage and breathing techniques to help with the pain. We didn't use all of them, but we had more then a hand full of options to choose from. After we completed the course I felt more confident that I could do it!

And what to say about Chauncey! I am a very lucky person to have met her. She is a bright and happy person, ready to fire all the information she has to help make us make our journey wonderful. She is calm and patient, thoroughly answering every question we had. The advantage to have Chauncey as an educator of She Births is years of experience as a midwife. Chauncey always had the right thing to say to empower us. And coconut water was always included on the menu!

I ended up having 5+hs of active labour. No use of any drugs, meaning no epidural or gas or anything. Our baby boy was born so alert that even my husband was worried! He said to the midwives: he has his eyes wide opened, he is so awake! And one of them said: this is a baby with no medications. We were very happy with our choices.

Alice, Dave & Baby Dot

Chauncey, I never got to tell you that I had such a wonderful birth. Sometimes looking back I almost miss that day. It was incredible, the defining moment of my life, and I have never felt so proud of myself.  Thank you so much for your wisdom and love, Chauncey. You helped me run towards the pain instead of away from it and I'm sure that's why I had such a swift, uncomplicated and frankly transcendental birth.