Chauncey came to her career in midwifery from a unique place. After completing a degree in Anthropology and Gender Studies at Sydney University, her midwifery practice has been characterised by an awareness of community and the deeper more spiritual elements of this important life event. 

A graduate of the Bachelor of Midwifery at UTS, Chauncey is now employed as a full time midwife at The Royal Hospital for Women Randwick in the Midwifery Group Practice Program. With previous clinical positions at St George Birth Centre, Ryde Midwifery Group Practice, Royal North Shore Hospital and Royal Hospital for Women, Chauncey gained extensive experience attending births in hospital, birth centers and at home.

Chauncey was privileged to be a part of a research team led by Professor Caroline Homer exploring breech vaginal birth. Her passion for education has also afforded the opportunity to work as a casual tutor at the University of Technology Sydney. 

Chauncey brings her well-rounded experience as a midwife, educator and researcher, along with a passion for self-empowerment through education to her role as She Births® educator. She believes that pregnancy and birth are a normal and miraculous part of life, and when tended to properly can result in something special: a woman becoming a mother, feeling supported and nurtured, safe and empowered.